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The Top 10 Movie Guns

What is it about Hollywood and guns? I don’t think there’s any entity out there that can create a desire for a particular firearm more than putting it in the forefront of an awesome movie. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, if it’s awesome enough in the film, it moves to our number one Christmas boutique gift item. We’ve covered the best gun related movies, but what about the best movie guns? Every action villain needs a nasty looking gun and every hero needs an equally if not more awesome gun. These are the guns, real or not, that either make the movie or define the action movie genre all together. As I go along, I’ll try to classify each as a either villain’s gun, a hero’s gun or neutral.  

Check out the list after the jump...

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The Top 5 Things They Don't Tell You About Concealed Carry...

Keep Calm and Concealed Carry OnThere comes a certain turning point in the lives of most gun owners. You’ll probably face it yourself, if you haven’t already. At some point, you’re going to be looking at that gun in your dresser or lock box and you might say to yourself “I want to bring that with me when I leave today.”

Some will say “nah, too much trouble”. Statistically speaking, most will say that, actually. Others, however, will decide to take the plunge and get their carry permit. To those people who have decided to jump through the bureaucratic hoops, I say, “Bravo!” 

For those thinking about getting their permit, I say, “Come on in! The water’s fine!” 

Before we go any further, let me make it clear that this isn't an article on how to get your permit. I’m not a lawyer and concealed carry laws are so different from state to state that someone could dedicate huge websites to keeping track of them...and many already have. This is for those of you who have either decided to take the plunge or who have just gotten your permit. 

Now, here in Florida, they make you take a class as part of the permitting process. There are a lot of other states that do that as well. In this class, they go over the obvious stuff like where you can carry, when you can use force, and more. You can also read lots of guides online like “holster tips” and “What to look for in a carry gun”. There are some things, however, that no one seems to tell you and I wish someone had told me when I first started. 

These are the top 5 things they don’t tell you about concealed carry.

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Clip vs. Magazine

I've touched on it before but it's time to go in depth. I’m hearing it so much lately that now it’s like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. Hollywood gets it wrong, the media gets it wrong, video games get it wrong and even firearm instructors get it wrong. This only goes to further the problem. Should it bother me as much as it does? Probably not. At the risk of being annoyingly pedantic, however, I want to set the record straight: 

“Clip” and “Magazine” are not interchangeable terms. 

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5 Worst Bits of Advice From Other People at the Gun Shop/Gun Show/Gun Range...

If you spend any time around gun stores, gun shows, or even shooting ranges, you’ll hear it. Some guy will always pipe up and contribute what he believes to be pertinent and solid advice. Sometime, it’s good advice. “If you’re finding the recoil on that .40 to be bad, perhaps dropping to 9mm will help” and such.

Sadly, there is a chance you’ll get advice from someone that may not be qualified to be offering said advice. I believe the technical term to describe this person is “full of it”. For most people that have been shooting for more than..oh...say a couple months or so, it’s pretty easy to spot Mr. Full Of It.  He is in very close relation to the Fun Shark, by the way. Some would say he’s even the same guy. 

For a brand new shooter, the urge to listen to any advice is strong. I’m here to tell you: don’t take his advice. Here is a list of the most common things you’ll hear and why you should just say “Cool story, bro” and move on.

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Creative solutions...

I just love looking back at the progress of guns from the hand cannons of ancient China to the advanced weapons of today. You can tell, as time went by, people knew and understood the inherent weaknesses of the time. It's interesting to see how some of the more creative (yet less engineering inclined) people thought of ways around the problems.

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A little fun: AK vs. AR vs. Mosin...

I'm going to preface this by saying this was a forward of a forward of a forward (etc etc). I have no idea who originally wrote it and any attempts I've made over the last couple hours have been fruitless. Whomever wrote it, hats off to you because this is hilarious!

Laughs After the jump...

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Don't Be This Guy.

I’m going to address this one to the fellas, just because I don’t normally see women behaving this way.  It really goes for everyone though..

Before I begin, I want to say that this has nothing to do with safety rules, which we should all police each other on all the time.  Hurt feelings or not, safety is paramount.

 I want to tell you guys something that your girl wants to tell you, but holds back out of worry for hurting your feelings.  I think it goes a little something like this:

 “I really like going to the range with you.  Shooting is really fun and it’s nice to have an activity we can enjoy together.  But your unceasing, unsolicited critique of every detail of my shooting is annoying the bejesus out of me.  If you don’t stop talking I’m going to have to pistol-whip you. Hush your face. Kthanksbye”.

 Now dudes, don’t take this too hard. 

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Who is Rebeccaguns?

Hello.  My name is Rebeccaguns.  I like kittens and rainbows and Pina Coladas and long walks on the beach.  I also like stainless steel 1911s chambered in .45, vintage sniper rifles, fixed blade hunting knives and videos of things exploding.   If I could have any car it would be an Audi S5 (or a BMW Z8, if I'm having a real James Bond kind of day).   My favorite gun is my CZ 83, though my new Smith and Wesson Shield is gaining ground fast. I spend most of my time being the other half of PHLster holsters, shooting guns, writing a blog about guns, making up voices for my ridiculous cats, shooting more guns, thinking about shooting more guns, thinking about all of the guns I want to buy, etc. Up until about 2 years ago, I didn't know a Glock from a hairdryer.  I am genuinely (and pleasantly) surprised to be here.  I have found gun folks to be some of the warmest, funniest, smartest and most down-to-earth people I have ever met.  Thanks for welcoming me into your commun ...

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Zombies everywhere! Quit it!

See if you can name the movie: A lone person, let’s call him Steve, wakes up from a good night’s sleep. His house is empty so he assumes his family is out on a Saturday morning. As he goes through his morning routine, he doesn’t seem to notice that outside his home things seem a bit...off. It’s only when he retrieves the newspaper that he realizes: the world has gone to hell. Zombies are roaming the streets. He flees back into his house and sees his wife. She turns around and attacks him. Yep, she’s a zombie. He fends her off then flees the house with the only weapon he could find. He jumps in his car and speeds off but wrecks it shortly thereafter. He’s rescued from the wreck by a ragtag and ethnically diverse band of survivors. They make their way through the city to a “safe zone”, getting picked off one by one. One of the survivors gets bitten by a zombie in one of the attacks but hides it from the group. Later, he turns at the worst possible moment. In the ...

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Hmmm...tough choice...

If given the choice between this and a pocket pistol...

Image Via Senior Gif

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