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Hmmm...tough choice...

If given the choice between this and a pocket pistol...

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Practice Time: The Mag Drop Drill!

Here’s a fun drill that is a great way to practice quite a few skills at once. This is an intermediate level drill, mind you, so if this is your first time at the range I wouldn’t try it. You’re going to need a gun holster, at least 2 magazines (or a speed loader, if you use a revolver) and a mag holster to do this. Most of all, you’ll need a shooting range that allows this sort of thing. Make sure you check with your range before you try this.  First off, if your range has those awesome steel targets, then you’re good to go. If it’s an indoor range, you’re going to need to get creative. Get some 6-inch or smaller paper plates and staple as many of them as possible to the cardboard target. Try and get at least 4 but if you can fit more, make sure it’s an even number of plates. You’ll understand why in a moment.  Now, let’s say you have 6 targets available. Load 3 bullets into each magazine (half the number of targets per mag. If you have ...

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A New Project Or A Noob's Folly...

They say there’s a thin line between bravery and stupidity. If a guy jumps off a giant bridge with nothing but a rubber band tied to his ankle, some people would say he’s brave while others would call him a blithering idiot. I fear that, over the next few months, I will be trying to decide which term to apply to myself.  

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Beginner Gun Review: Ruger GP100

There’s soRuger GP100mething viscerally satisfying about holding a magnum revolver. Polymer pistols like the FNP-9 or the Glock are lighter and FEEL like you’re holding a “plastic” gun, something toy-like. When you pick up a .357 magnum revolver like the Ruger GP100, you KNOW you’re holding a weapon. At 40 oz., it weighs nearly twice as much as an FNP-9. Shoot, if you run out of bullets it’s actually possible to throw it at someone and knock them cold with it. The .357 magnum round is nothing to laugh at. People put that same bullet in a rifle and hunt deer with it. And as far as quality goes, it’s a Ruger revolver. Among the things Ruger does very well, it makes great revolvers. So how is it for a noob? Let’s find out.

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A little funny to start your day!

There's something about Thursdays that annoys me. Thursday has always seemed like a barrier because you know that you still have another day before the weekend. You just have to get through Thursday.

What does this have to do with gun? Not a darn thing. Here's something funny and gun related to get you through your barrier day.

Image Source: icanhascheezeburger.com

Beginner Gun Review: Colt 1911-22

It seems odd that, in numerous spots on this site, I have spoken at length about the joy and benefits of owning a .22 caliber gun but have not yet reviewed one. It’s also no secret, at least for those that follow us on Twitter and Facebook, that I have an almost perverse love of 1911 pistols. How fortuitous is this occasion then, that I should come into possession of a .22 caliber 1911!

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Ah, To Be .22 Again...

Pretty much all my guns are 9mm. I love my nines and I love shooting them. They’ve helped get me past my ligyrophobia and I have introduced many a shooter to this wonderful hobby using them. They’re not too loud. They’re not too jumpy. They’re not too expensive. 

They’re still loud, jumpy and not cheap. When I was starting out, they still scared the heck out of me. So what is a Noob to do when even a 9mm is too much?

Simple: Get a .22! 

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Today on GunNoob TV: Save time when using Snap Caps!

On this Friday's GunNoob TV, The Noob shares a quick tip on how to save some time when you're using your snap caps for dry fire practice. 

Beginner Gun Review: Ruger LC9

You can't argue that the .380 has been experiencing a bit of a revival in recent years. Pocket pistols are big business now and the .380 is king. Not all is well in the kingdom, though. Many people don't like the .380 round. It's tiny and the power kind of fizzles out after a few yards. The great Massad Ayoob famously said "Some experts will say it's barely adequate, and others will say it's barely inadequate." So, this need for a pocket pistol with a little more stank on it has lead to the rise in popularity of the "Pocket 9". As the name implies, this is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol that is only a smidge larger than the .380 pocket pistols. Again at the forefront is Ruger with their LC9 pistol. It runs about the same size as the Ruger LCR and only about 4 ounces heavier. I carried the Ruger LCR for a long time but I have since replaced it with the LC9. The 9mm round is much easier to deal with compared to the .38 Special and the gun holds more ammo.

The LC9 is a double action pistol that holds 7 + 1 rounds (7 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber) of 9mm ammo and can easily handle the +P defense loads. There's no doubt that this is a good gun. After all, Ruger makes it and they aren't known for churning out junk. Is it a good first gun though?

Read on after the jump... 

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New Guide: Holsters!

You've bought a gun. Chances are you're going to want to carry it at some point or another. Be it concealed carry, around your house, at a shooting competition or just walking around (if you're one of those lucky people who live in an open carry state), you're going to need a holster. No, you can't just tuck it into your belt like in that movie you watched last week. 

If you've shopped for holsters, you've probably noticed that there's lots of different kinds. Side note: I'll be writing an article soon on situational awareness for those you that didn't notice there was more than one kind.

Anyway, Gun Noob is here to help you navigate the jungle of holster styles so you can pick the one that's right for you.

Head over to our Handgun section or click here to give it a read!

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