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Free For All Friday 4-24-2015: Double action guns, Magazine Issues...

Vacations are a strange thing. It gives you some much needed time off of work in order to unwind. The justification is that you’ll come back refreshed and that will translate to better productivity. The reality is, your vacation ends and you spend the first few days back wishing you were still on vacation. 

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Alternative Shotgun Ammo

One word you’ll constantly hear used to describe shotguns is “versatility”. For the most part, you can use just about any shotgun for any task you would need a shotgun for. Granted, some configurations work better for a task than others, mind you. You’ll have an easier time using your over under for skeet shooting then you will if you use your home defense gun. Still, the versatility of a shotgun goes far beyond just the uses. The nature of the design itself allows for an incredibly wide range of ammo choices. No other firearm can match the rainbow like array of ammunition that is available for your shotty. Some of them are pretty cool and some are pretty darn nasty.


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Free For All Friday: 4-17-2015: Defense Calibers, Home Defense Guns and Picking Holsters.

Completely unrelated to guns (which is really how I start out almost every FFAF, now that I think about it) but is anyone else getting tired of click-bait posts on social networks? Stuff like “you won’t believe what this cat does after the owner gives it catnip” or “my jaw dropped when I saw what happened next”. It’s especially bad when they’re trying to make a completely mundane video or article sound controversial or interesting. On the few times I’ve ever clicked on those, I wind up feeling like I’ve completely wasted my time and bandwidth. In the words of the Emperor: “For the love of all stop signs in the galaxy, cease and freaking desist!”. I don’t know what annoys me more, though, the fact that everyone seems to be doing it or the thought that they’re only doing it because it actually works.


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NRAAM 2015 Wrap-Up

​It seems like with every one of these conventions/trade shows that I cover, it gets easier and easier. The goals are better defined. The plans get better. The results are more favorable. Also, each time I walk away less wrecked and exhausted. That really makes me feel like my diet and exercise is working.

To reiterate my original post, NRAAM was truly more relaxed than SHOT. To be honest, though, I don’t know if I like that. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the heck out of the show and if my budget allowed it I would go every year. My budget being what it is, however, means I have to choose and I think I’ll be going to SHOT from here on in. Like I said, though, this show was an absolute blast and I highly recommend it to anyone who can make it there.

Check out our wrap-up after the jump...

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​As a blogger, one can’t help but make comparisons between SHOT Show and NRAAM. At the same time, it’s apples to oranges as well. SHOT show is for industry and media only. The entire focus is different as a result. NRAAM, however, is for the general public. Any NRA member can attend (if you can get parking) and the vendors are using an entirely different set of tactics to get their products out there. 

The NRA convention is significantly smaller than SHOT show and exponentially more relaxed. It’s been fun meeting people who are fans of the site though and that’s been my favorite part of the trip.


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NRAAM and Free For All Friday

The pneumonia I've been dealing with for over a week is clearing up just in time for me to head out to NRAAM. I chose to go to the NRA Annual Meeting instead of SHOT show this year for 2 reasons:

  1. I've never been before and I only have the budget to go to one show.
  2. While there will certainly be political stuff (which is a no-no on this site), there are also a lot of lectures and such on training and teaching which is very important to this site.

So starting Friday, expect a lot of information on this site about the meeting and I will be using what I learn at the various educational sessions for many future articles.

That’s not all, however….

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Free For All Friday 3-27-2015: Sick Noob, Trigger Pulls and Pistol Caliber Rifles

This is going to be a quick one. Remember how I said at the beginning of the week that I was sick? What started as a cold has upgraded itself to a mild case of pneumonia. Fortunately, typing doesn’t put me into coughing fits.

Questions after the jump!


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Free For All Friday 3-20-2015: Grips and Gunsmiths

​You ever get a much needed vacation from work and then once the vacation starts, you get sick? Just sayin’. Happens to me a lot.

Have ever had your hands on an XDM 3.8 compact with the mag grip extensions or "x-tensions"? We're the grip extensions solid and well fitting? Lastly, how does one go about selecting a good gunsmith? -Shaun M.


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Intro to Clay Sports: Sporting Clays

I used to play a lot of golf. I was terrible at it but I enjoyed it or at least I was able to convince myself that I enjoyed it. In all actually, I was kind of obligated to play at the time due to my job. It’s very common for business people and those in upper management to play a lot of golf. The main reason is because it’s a great place to talk business. You’re outside of the office and between shots, there is a lot of time to discuss things. The problem is, golf is ultimately quite boring. If you’re not the one hitting the ball, it is about as fun as watching flies fornicate. If only there was a way to integrate guns with golf. THAT would be fun!


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Intro to Clay Sports: Skeet & Trap

This may just be my opinion, but one of the most fun things you can do in the shooting world is participating in any of the clay sports. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all fun but clay sports are just...different. With pistols, you’re typically shooting at paper printouts or steel plates. They do go “ding” when you hit them but that’s about it. Rifle shooting is about the precision and control. Fun, but not for everyone. Both can be spiced up a bit with some competition but beyond that, it’s a very static shooting environment. Clays are much more dynamic. You’re having to hit moving targets. Tiny moving targets at that. Hitting a bullseye is exciting but hitting a fast moving clay with your last shot just before it hits the ground? That will have you cheering every time.


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